Friday, October 27, 2017

I screamed at a Queen concert. 99c special. Maggie Mundy Romance Author

The fact that I was at a Queen concert gives you the clue I am not twenty years old. I have two daughters in their twenties and they are both jealous that I saw Freddie Mercury live. 

It was in the 1970's when I saw Queen at the Colsten Hall, Bristol UK. I loved their music. It was so different to plaything else I knew. Yes I did have a strange time when I was younger when the Osmonds' and the Jackson Five held sway, but that is another story for another blog and tells you what I got up to when I was young.
Everything was brilliant with incredible music from fantastic musicians and when the band did an encore the stage was covered in smoke machine smoke. Freddie sang out from the mist.
Here I stand
Look around around around
But you wont see me

The audience erupted and I consider myself lucky to have been there.

The Point of this Post

As a writer I have self doubt all the time. I have been to many conferences and heard New York Times best sellers say the same. I never thought as a young person I would write a book let alone people read it and like it. If you really want to do something then do it. Take a little time to plan. Set yourself a date. If Freddie and his friends didn't think outside the square the world would be a lesser place.

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