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Friday Pen Pals Meet wonderful Soul Mate Author KZ Riman

Friday Pen Pals
Meet wonderful Soul Mate Publishing Author KZ Riman

Race to the Sword of Siera

(The Last of the Fahlians Book#1)

And so she chooses who between the two men…gets to slays her.
In the country of Athkandia in the year 2020, Katanya's life's mission has become to protect her blood from spilling so as to keep a demon sealed inside her body. Yet as she fails in her mission when she meets the handsome and vigorous Han, she is brought centuries back into the past, where she learns everything has been nothing but a lie. There never was a mission for her. In fact, she was the mission.

In order to draw the Flame Fah Li - her elemental clan's power - out of her body, the two brothers born with her on the same birthing must race to the Sword of Siera, hidden deep in the Kouhan Mountains and use it to take her very life. This has left Katanya, Princess of the Flame Clan, in the middle, choosing between her demigod lover and her mortal lover, and then choosing for herself the best way to die.

This fantasy and romance author juggles her days working on different writings. KZ Riman is a technical writer and researcher for the government by day, and a creative writer and dreamer by night. A home-buddy type of person, she prefers to spend most of her days inside her room, where she reads steamy novels and watches romantic comedies.

KZ is a pure-bred Filipina who lives with her family in Tarlac City, Philippines. Growing up, she has dreamed of becoming a novelist and has written countless stories, which she has always shared with her friends. Now, she dreams further by sharing her imagination to the world.

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