Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Pen Pals with S.C.Mitchell and his book The Blarming Dilema

Today I have S.C Mitchell here to tell us about his book The Blarming Dilema.

“They’re not animals. They’re people!”

Phoebe Callista’s pleas fall on deaf ears and she’s forced to rescue two helpless Blarmlings from certain death. Fleeing across a backwater sector of the galaxy, with Galactic Marshals in hot pursuit, Phoebe falls into the hands of a handsome but determined bounty hunter.

Rigel Antares has captured wanted criminals throughout the galaxy rim, but he’s never come across anything like Phoebe Callista. The gorgeous blonde is playing the innocent, and something deep inside wants to believe her, but Rigel has problems of his own—a ship that’s falling apart and an unscrupulous Galactic Marshal looking for any excuse to send him back to the prison planets of the Theiler System.

An intergalactic circus, vicious space pirates, and a planet full of backtechers cross their paths as two hearts go into orbit to save a pair of adorable Blarmlings.

Hearts in Orbit - Volume 1: The Blarmling Dilemma is a science fiction romance set in the far-flung space traveling future, and sets a new course across the galaxy that leads to love and adventure.


Facebook Hook: There’s a galaxy standing between where they are and where they need to be, and lives and love hang in the balance.

Rigel sighed. Without the full rap sheet, he didn’t even know exactly what she’d stolen. It could be anything from a subatomic particle to a Ramuligan Horned Calophant. He’d hoped she’d just hand him the merchandise. Maybe a bluff?
“You know I’ll be searching your ship.”
The woman nodded, but her eyes never left his. “You will find no stolen biological specimens on this ship.” Her gaze never wavered.
The statement, and the honesty behind her words, floored him. Rigel wanted to believe her. Her sincerity and defeated attitude made him feel like a pirate. Deep in his soul, something knotted. Should I let her go?
Realization of what he’d been tempted to do hit him like a gut-punch and new resolve flowed through him. Oh yes, this woman was dangerous. With just one look in those incredible emerald eyes, he’d almost melted.
Phoebe Callista was possibly the most dangerous criminal he’d ever faced.

Bio: Hidden strengths, adventurous hearts.
S.C.Mitchell grew up an avid reader of comic books, science fiction and fantasy literature. He’s been writing stories for over thirty years. In 2010 he left his job as a computer desktop support specialist to pursue his passion for writing full time. He is a member of the Romance Writers of America as well as the Wisconsin chapter.

As a writer of paranormal and sci-fi romance, fantasy, and science fiction, Steve crafts unique and wondrous worlds where his characters explore, romp, and fall in love. Whether traveling through dark, demon filled dimensions, the edge of wild space, or ancient mythological heavens, his heroes and heroines, guided by their adventurous hearts, discover hidden strengths on their pathway to enduring love.


Swiftly Beats the Heart (February 2012)

There’s no such thing as Werewolves (March 2012)

The Forsaken Templar (May 2012)

Seeds of Immortality (December 2012)

Son of Thunder (February 2013)

reGenesis: Dark Awakening (September 2014)

The Blarmling Dilemma (December 2015)

Thanks for dropping by Steve.Your books sound fantastic.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Pen pals withe Delywn Jenkins and her new relase Claimed by Earth



Mycah Dunleavy has two goals in life: to protect her friends and to defend the World Below. In order to take her fight to the enemy she must become the most powerful witch she can be. But that power comes at a price.

In fulfilling her first goal, she committed the cardinal sin of using her magic to harm others. And to attain the second, she must combine in a ritual with a Watchtower Knight … despite the fact she can't bear to be touched.

Undaunted by Mycah’s defensive armor, Sebastian wants to claim her as his own and he intends to woo her long and slow. Then Mycah comes up with a crazy plan to gain more power and he becomes nothing more than a means to an end—a role he has no intention of accepting without a fight.

But there are bigger threats to deal with in the World Between. Mycah's life is threatened, four Witches are kidnapped, and once again the enemy is knocking at the door. Time is running out, and if Sebastian and Mycah don't find a way to work together, both of their worlds could be lost.


Sebastian was quietly enjoying the sensation of lying beside Mycah, even though they were both fully dressed. His satisfaction lasted right up until his earth Witch raised herself on one elbow to look at him. "I want to try again," she said quietly.
"Try what?"
He held his silence for a moment. Mycah seemed fine but he was under no illusions about how deeply she was effected by last night’s attack. However he also knew that Mycah wasn't really offering a kiss, she was offering her trust and that was something he would never refuse.
Rolling onto his back Bas pulled the pillow under his head and then patted his chest. "Come up here."
Mycah pulled back and look at him with predictable suspicion. "Why? What's wrong with lying as we are?"
Plenty. Sebastian knew that once they started kissing he'd want to pull her closer. He'd become so desperate to feel her under him that he'd roll on top of her and he didn't want to risk scaring her.
"Don't argue with me, Red. You want to kiss, you do it my way."
"Asshole." She grumbled, but it didn't stop her moving closer to lean on his chest, her arms braced to take her weight, her hips still firmly on the floor.
Bas knew that wouldn't be enough for him once he felt the touch of her lips. So he pushed, risking her temper now rather than risking her fear later. "You need to climb a little higher."
"Think of me more as a mattress than a leaning post."
Mycah frowned at him but he kept his expression bland even though he was sweating, his muscles tight and his gut burning with need. If he didn't have full body contact with his Witch from the first moment, he'd lose his head and try to claim it.
Mycah's mouth turned down at the corners. "You want me to lie on top of you?"
She squirmed. "Don't you think that's a bit...intimate?"
That shocked a huff of laughter out of him. "Mycah you're about to have your tongue inside my mouth. It's already intimate."
"I know, it's just..." Her gaze slid away and she focussed on a point just beyond his shoulder. "I need to ease into it."
"This is me easing." Resting his arms by his sides, Bas raised a challenging brow. "Let's go Red, I haven't got all night."
"Jeez, romantic much?" Mycah grumbled, climbing over him despite her reticence. She rested over but not on his body, her hands and knees taking her weight. Her eyes were a little wild and Bas figured he'd pushed her about as far as she was ready to go.
Taking a deep breath, filling his lungs with the scent of vanilla and wildflowers that clung to Mycah's skin, Sebastian forced himself to relax. Mycah wriggled higher and once again they were nose to nose.
Then she leaned forward and touched her lips to his. Soft. Tentative. Bas responded, meeting her touch without taking over the kiss, letting her set the pace. Reluctantly he released her hair and put his hands on his pillow to grab a fist-full of linen rather than a fist-full of Witch.
The touch of Mycah's mouth grew firmer and the first time she licked at his lips Sebastian's toes curled. Then she nibbled, using a soft bite to encourage him to give her access. He opened his mouth and her quick possession set his whole body on fire. Sealing her lips to his, she stroked him with her tongue, sweeping in and claiming him body and soul.
She didn't know it yet - and she certainly wasn't ready for it - but as far as Bas was concerned this kiss was a brand. His earth Witch had claimed him now and he was never letting her go.


Delwyn Jenkins likes radical career changes. After serving in the Australian Navy for ten years (and being exceptionally disciplined) she switched to full-time university Arts student (where getting out of bed before 11am proved traumatic). She's worked as a teacher, an editor, and now writes full time - a career she plans to stick with for as long as anyone wants to read her stories.

She's an avid reader and movie-goer, an average bellydancer, and a disinterested cook. She lives on the beautiful south-east coast of Australia where the changeable weather suits her mercurial nature.

Delwyn writes spicy paranormal romance and she can be contacted on Facebook or at

She also writes erotic romance under the pen-name DJ Michaels.

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Friday Pen Pals with Carol Ann Moleti and her book The Widow's Walk

Thanks so much for hosting me today, Maggie. I'm so excited that The Widow's Walk has finally been published. It's the culmination of a dream I had for a long time

I started working on the Unfinished Business Series back in 2007. I always wanted to write a Victorian historical, since I am fixated on that time period. And I've often wondered if there is a past life link that has caused that. But the series actually started when I was opening up a summer cottage in upstate New York, pulling off dustcovers and vacuuming up dead flies. I wrote a novelette called "Breakwater Beach," which was published in Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts and is now being novelized. That will be the prequel to The Widow's Walk. Next on my list is to write the third book in the series Storm Watch.

I chose Cape Cod as the setting because I spend a large part of my summers up in Brewster, which is a historic sea captain's town. It seemed like the best setting to develop the idea further. Of course, there are a lot of other influences that shaped the storyline, not the least of which was my familiarity with sailing. I wrote about them in another pre-release blog post to pay tribute to the men in my life who inspired many of the series' characters.

Please let me know if you've read The Widow's Walk and what you think. If there is a question you have, I want to make sure I answer it in either the prequel or the sequel. If it's not giving too much away, I'll answer it now. Speaking of giveaways, I would like to offer two readers who leave a comment here a PDF of Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts, which contains the novelette version of "Breakwater Beach or a Kindle download of The Widow's Walk. I'll pull the numbers at random, so be sure and leave me a way to contact you.

There will be more chances to chat and win at the #ParanormalBookParty Friday 12/5 from 5pm to Saturday 12/6 at 5 pm.

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Mike and Liz Keeny are newlyweds, new parents, and the proprietors of the Barrett Inn, an 1875 Victorian on Cape Cod, which just happens to be haunted. By their own ghosts. The Inn had become an annex of Purgatory, putting Mike, Liz, and their infant son in danger. Selling the historic seaside bed and breakfast was the only answer, one that Liz and her own tortured specter refused to consider. Were they doomed to follow the same path that led to disaster in their previous lives? Was getting out, getting away, enough?

Silk rustled as she ran her hands over the dress. The lavender scent deepened as Elisabeth swirled around inside, Her mind went numb as the ghost took control. She slipped out of her clothes and stood naked in front of the mirror. She put up her hair, preening for her husband, before she stepped into the middle of the deep green skirts and pulled them up over her waist, slipped her arms into the sleeves, and twisted them behind her back to fasten the buttons. She used the buttonhook to do up the shoes, then peered out into the hallway.

Liz bundled the sweat suit into her arms, along with the soap and paper goods, and hurried to the attic door. It wasn't until she placed her hand on the banister and started up the steep staircase to the roof that Elisabeth's needling eased. Like an addict in the throes of withdrawal, just the promise of being up there, her spirit communing with the long lost sea captain, offered relief.

Author Bio:

Carole Ann Moleti lives and works as a nurse-midwife in New York City, thus explaining her fascination with all things paranormal, urban fantasy, and space opera. Her nonfiction focuses on health care, politics, and women's issues. But her first love is writing science fiction and fantasy because walking through walls is less painful than running into them.

The first book in Carole's Cape Cod paranormal romance novel series, The Widow's Walk, was published by Soulmate. Her urban fantasy short stories have appeared in the Toil, Trouble and Temptation Anthology and Haunted, Bites, Beltane, and Seers, all part of the Ten Tales series. Carole's review and commentary pieces have appeared in Lightspeed, The Internet Review of Science Fiction, Tangent Online, The Portal, and The Fix. Her creative nonfiction has been published in a variety of literary venues.