Friday, August 28, 2015

New Release, A Death in the Family

New release
 I have just returned from the Romance Writers of Australia Conference where I did a wonderful session on self publishing with Scarlett Rugers Self Pub Hub. She talked us through how to publish your book on line. The result was that my book A Death in the Family is now available at Amazon.

A Death in the Family is a 1920’s murder mystery novella with a paranormal twist. Finding out who killed her aunt means socialite Annabel Larch must delve into the past. A past filled with ghosts calling to her, and if she answers she may end up dead herself. The mysterious Isaac Pennington may help her find some of the answers but what will Annabel have to do to get them. This is a story involving Brazilian artifacts, heroin dens and cult worship. Isaac and Annabel fall in love while having to sort through the clues to find out who killed her Aunt Gwen and try not to get killed themselves.
 Amazon link.