Monday, September 25, 2017

Maggie Mundy Romance Author. The Towel Arranger. What is your Quirk

The Towel Arranger
I admit it. I do rearrange peoples towels in their bathroom. I am a nurse, so I will admit to being a bit anal retentive. Its funny, when I have called other people anal retentive they get annoyed. I see it as a compliment. 
Oops. I like structure and as a writer, I plot.

Sorry I got a bit distracted  thinking about rearranging his towel.
In my book Unmasked I gave my character Daria crazy red hair that is as unruly as she is. She feels people judge er by the way she looks not matter what she does.

In Random Meeting, Greg would never let people touch him intimately. He has strong reasons for this. Beth twiddles constantly with a necklace. There is a reason.

In Idolize Cassi hates having her photo taken. 

I do too. I keep wondering who that older woman in the photo is.

Now for some serious stuff. 
What are these guys thinking. No, don't worry Just give them a rub down with their towels. Then wash towels and fold neatly.
This is a funny little quirk of mine and trust me I have others.  I find when I read a story with someone having a little quirk, I identify.
Here to me and all us with funny little ways. We are real.
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