Saturday, September 16, 2017

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Scars Are Us

Like most people I have scars. You know the sexy type.  No. There are no sexy types. Some on the outside and some on the inside. Some I got doing crazy stuff and some I can’t remember how I got them. Don’t judge.

Scar One. I was about ten years old and jumping on my bed. Yep. Mum said not to do it, but I knew better. I fell off and hit the knob on the bedside cabinet. My sense of accuracy has never been as good since.

Scar two. Put my hand through a glass window and was lucky I didn’t bleed to death. I remember going to the sink to wash off the blood because I thought mum would be mad.

Scar three. Caesarians I have had both my kids that way. No through choice, but emergencies. Love my girls so much and love my scar.

Scar four. Dysfunctional family. I know a lot of people carry this invisible scar. Just remember to live life now and not let the past dictate your future.

Scar Five. Bullying at school. I am proud of who I am despite of this. I was lucky though as we didn’t have social media. Yes I am that old.

Scar Six. Broke my arm and needed it fixed. I was on my way to see Kinky Boots. Still got to the show with my arm in plaster and in an Endone haze.

My latest release is Scarred Mate. 
In this book two people have scars on their bodies that have made them who they are. Both of them want to slice open the scars that haunt them. These two lost souls are worried the scars they will be left with, will be worse.

A drug lord wants Rosie dead. Making friends with a werewolf may be the only way to stay alive...

Rosie had everything. A job as a cop, a lover, and a great future. That was six months ago. Now she has a scarred face, no job, and has lived through betrayal. Her only choice is to head for the hills when a drug lord comes after her. If not, others could get hurt. 

Connor doesn't fit in with his wolf pack and his scars mean he has never found a mate. Rosie could be that mate or she could be the death of him.

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