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Friday Pen Pals with DJ Michaels and her new release Hearts Enchained

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‘Hearts Enchained’ is the second book in the Dragon Alliance series. It’s an erotic romance (MMF) set on a world where heroes wear leather and dragons rule the sky.

Sorcha Meehan is desperate to go home – and she knows she never will.
Trapped on an alien planet, Sorcha gives into loneliness and temptation to spend an unforgettable night in Jax and Kaelum’s bed. For one brief, shinning moment she thinks she might find a place with her Enforcers – until she realizes she’s nothing more than a convenient smoke screen.
Jax is scarred and broken, and the only thing holding him together is his relationship with Kaelum. A relationship that is absolutely forbidden and one Jax will do anything to protect. The night they share with Sorcha is beyond anything he ever imagined but he has too much at stake to risk doing it again.
Then Sorcha is kidnapped and Jax must face every one of his demons in order to rescue her. Racing into the heart of enemy territory, Jax and Kaelum risk everything to bring Sorcha home.
The Enforcers are willing to put their lives on the line to save their woman, but are they willing to risk their hearts to keep her?


Sorcha leaned against the window and did her best to ignore the heavy, yearning ache of homesickness that seemed to be her constant companion these days.
Five weeks had passed since she’d been kidnapped from her Boston home, taken by slavers and then rescued by the men who were even now enjoying the party going on around her.
In this world she had no family. No loving mom and dad to run home to. No loud, brash brothers to get up in her business and drive her crazy. No one who shared a single memory of her previous twenty-eight years.
Rolling her head onto the cool glass, she looked out into the night. Those with rank and authority lived high up in the den and in the daytime this view included a lush forest, blue lake and an elegant township. At this hour all she saw was black night and two moons; one small and red, the other pale blue and so large it took up a quarter of the sky. Of all the strange and weird things on this planet, nothing made her more homesick than the wrongness of Gemarran’s constellations and moons.
She sensed movement close behind her and she knew by the warm, spicy smell it was Kaelum. And how freaky was that?
“Aren’t you enjoying the party?” He stood beside her, waiting, and when she turned to face him his golden eyes seemed to look right into her soul.
“Of course I am.” She gestured to her silk and lace gown. “I’m dressed to party and ready to fulfil whatever maid of honor duties I have left this evening.”
Kaelum braced one hand on the wall behind her but didn’t lean in. “Then why are you standing over here looking out the window as if the answers to all your problems lie in the darkness?”
She avoided his eyes. “Maybe they do.”
He reached out with his free hand and threaded their fingers together. “Jaysada says you feel sad.”
“Those damn dragons need to mind their own business.” She made a mental note to find out if there was a way to block the scaly busy-bodies.
Kae laughed softly. “As far as they’re concerned, you are their business. Tengale and Jaysada have claimed you. Apparently a human pet is the new ‘must have’ item for battle dragons.”
Sorcha had a mental image of herself using kitty litter and wearing a tinkling bell. “Aren’t the dragons supposed to be vicious and aggressive?”
“They are, make no mistake about that. They’ll take a chunk out of anything, flesh, feathered or scaled if they’ve a mind to. But once a black claims you as his or her own, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe.”
Which would be lovely if the Tengale and Jaysada didn’t speak to her mind-to-mind anytime they felt like it.
Kae rubbed his thumb over the palm of her hand, bringing her attention to the fact that he was still holding it. His slow-circling thumb was shooting sparks up her arm and shorting out her brain. Her nipples beaded and that was her signal for a strategic retreat. Reluctantly pulling her hand away from Kaelum’s, she slid along the window and stepped away from the shelter of his body. “Let’s go get a drink.”
He followed her easily enough but Sorcha felt as though she had a big flashing sign over her head that spelled out “coward” in hot-pink neon. He was just a guy, for gods sake, and after spending half her life in her father’s pub she knew how to deal with men in all their variations. And her brothers had made sure she could look after herself. There was no need to panic because a good-looking man engaged her in a rather harmless conversation. No need at all.
But it wasn’t the talking that made her run or even the touching. It was her reaction to Kaelum—and Jax, damn his arrogant ass—that made her panic like a pre-schooler. The quivering, the aching, the tingling in all the wrong places had her hovering on the edge of an anxiety attack.
She had enough drama to deal with right now and she didn’t need to add a man to the mix. Not a nice man like Kaelum and certainly not an asshole like Jax. She took a swig of blue champagne and tried to calm herself down. Then she took another swig, hoping the taste would improve with volume.
She was on her third or fourth glass when Chelsea finally peeled herself away from her men. Grabbing Sorcha by the elbow the Aussie dragged her to an empty corner of the room.
“Are you okay, honey?” Chelsea ran a soothing hand down Sorcha’s arm.
“Yes, of course. Why wouldn’t I be?”
“Because you’ve been quiet since we finished dinner and I was getting a little worried about you. Then I saw you talking to Kaelum and I relaxed but I’ve just watched you skull your seventh glass of champagne and now I’m back to being worried again.”
Wow, seven. Really? Good thing she could hold her liquor. “I am the daughter of one of Boston’s finest bar owners. I am perfectly capable of having a couple of drinks and keeping my clothes on.” She toasted Chelsea and threw down the remains of whatever number drink she had in her hand.
Chelsea raised an eyebrow. “And why were you thinking of taking your clothes off?”
“Kaelum. He’s very sweet, you know.” Sorcha leaned in a little and placed her arm around Chelsea’s shoulder. “And Jax. He’s an asshole but you can’t deny he’s super-hot.”
Chelsea’s eyes almost bugged out of her head. “You’ve got a thing for Jax and Kae?”
“Shh. Are you crazy? Keep your voice down.”
“What are you going to do about it?” Chelsea whispered.
“Not a goddamn thing.” Her daddy hadn’t raised a fool. “I’m going to mind my own business and keep my knees together. Then I’m going back to Addestet House as soon as I’m sure I’m sober enough to get on a dragon’s back.”


Books have always been my refuge, a bit (ok, a lot) like an adult cubby-house.  When real life gets too much – or too little – I can delve into my library and be utterly transported to places familiar and exotic.  I can also meet the kind of people I’d never come across in my normal life, which is not always a bad thing.

These days not only do I get to visit other writers’ worlds, but I get to create my own – worlds full of sexy warrior men; strong, capable women; and oh yes, let’s not forget the dragons.  My cubby-house is very cool, the door is always open for visitors, and new friends are most welcome.

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DJ Michaels

The Dragon Alliance Series

Also writing as
Delwyn Jenkins
The Watchtower Chronicles

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